Welcome to my photography website! This is a collection of my favorite images that I have taken over the years. Select from one of the galleries below or from the menu to get started. All images are available to purchase. 

abandoned abiqua falls alvord desert angels rest animal arch arches national park arizona astrophotography automobile autumn baby animal baby duck bandon beach beacon rock big indian gorge bird bison black and white blue bnw bnw black and white bridge bryce canyon butte creek falls caldera canada jay canby cancun cannon beach canon 6d canon ef 1635mm f2.8 l iii canon ef 70200 f4 l is usm canyon canyonlands car cascade cave clouds coast cold colorado river columbia hills state park columbia river gorge columbiarivergorge comest falls corvid crack crater lake crater lake national park death delicate arch deschutes river desert dog mountain drama duck eagle creek eagle creek fire elegant face rock fall fall colors falls creek falls flower fog forest fractal geometry frozen gifford pinchot national forest goat grass gray jay great egret great horned owl great white egret green hamilton mountain harbor seal haystack rock helios 442 58mm f2 hole horse horseshoe bend ice isla blanca isolation john day fossil beds john day fossil beds national monument johnsrud joshua johnston landscape landscape photography larch mountain leaf leaves leslie gulch lighthouse lnt long exposure lost lake lush macro meike mk85mm f2.8 metlako falls mexico milkyway moab morning moss moulton falls mount hood mount hood national forest mount rainier mount rainier national park mountain mountain bluebird mountain goat mountains mt hood mt hood national forest mustang national park natural bridges nature nevada night sky ocean oceanside olympic national park opal creek wilderness orange oregon oregon coast owl pacfic northwest pacific northwest pacific ocean page painted hills panther creek falls peter iredale photography plant playa pnw pnw pacific ocean portland pronghorn antelope proxy falls rain ramona falls red winged blackbird reflection river road rock rock formation rocks rooster rock rush creek sandy sea cave shack ship wreck silver falls silver falls state park silver star mountain smith rock snow sony a7ii sony a7iii sony a7iv sony fe 200600mm f5.66.3 g oss sony fe 28mm f2 sony fe 70300mm f4.55.6 g oss sony fe 85mm f1.8 south falls southwest spirit falls spring stars steens mountain summer sun star sunrise sunrise water sunset tahoma tamanawas falls tamron 2875mm f2.8 di iii vxd g2 the enchantments the painted hills tilikum crossing tillamook rock lighthouse timothy lake toketee falls travel tree trees trillium trillium lake umpqua national forest upper lewis river falls utah valley of fire vario tessar t fe 2470 mm f4 za oss venation volcano washington water waterfall west coast white river falls wild flowers wild horse wild mustang wildlife willamette valley winter wy'east wyoming yellow yellowstone national park yucatan zion national park
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